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So, I was just wondering if anyone is missing out on MCR this tour? I'm in Boston and have been going through some major MCR withdrawal. Anyone else dealing with the band NOT coming to your city?

I am debating getting tickets off eBay just to go to the PA show. The money I will spend to see this band.. -_-;


I just got off work and am too lazy to reply to all you guys. (a new level of laziness for me) But no worries, you all gave pretty much the same advice and the motivation to go! ^_^ thanks! Hopefully hopping a bus to Philly isn't that insane of an idea. And yes, for once in my life I have enough money to travel and buy over-priced tickets!

My friends will all laugh at me when they hear this. I'm hoping to convince at least one to tag along, but I know from the past how much they hate MCR. Damn art school kids and their pretentious tastes in music.
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