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MCR at MSG 5/9/08

“I can see you awake anytime in my head…”

Yes, I cried during Desert Song. And was tearing up during Cancer. And I cried some more when I got back to my hotel room.

It was a bittersweet night. Sweet because I’m proud of the band for making it to MSG. They deserve it and made the arena feel smaller with the way they project and connect with the audience. It was more touching than the MUSE concert last August, which I thought couldn’t be topped. This was sweet because it was MCR’s first time playing there, a dream they always wanted to fulfill, bittersweet because it was the last show of this long tour, because we know they won’t be back for a while, and bitter for a more petty personal reason (my camera battery died after their first song…) *headsdesk*. (EDIT: I FOUND I HAD MORE PICTURES OF THEM THAN I THOUGHT.) Also, I felt like I had just started getting to know this band, and now it’s over….for a while. What am I going to do with myself for the next year and a half? At the same time, I just got to see this amazing & special show that I was so excited for, and it lived up to my expectations.

The arena was packed, and Everyone and their parents attended. I got to meet [info]clio214, who I had pizza with, then we stood on line in the cold rain, being attacked by umbrellas and watching Poncho Dude walk back and forth along the line…You can read her recap and see her pictures at her journal. :) One of the crazy teenage fangirls behind us (in a sweatshirt that read “Waycest”) was recounting a conversation: Someone walked in on her while she was on the computer and asked, ‘Uh, what are you typing?”

Fangirl: “Gay smut. Go away.”

This exemplifies two more reasons why I love this band: the crazy teenage fans and the fan-fiction, which mostly consists of gay smut.

Between opening acts, a mother and her son & niece recognized me from the Philly show (I had on the same shirt [I had washed it, btw], had the same ponytails and had stuff written on my arms again). The band’s families and friends were there, and Lyn-Z hung out at the sound boards just before MCR went on; fans got their picture taken with her and got her autograph. I think when i first spotted her i caught her looking in my general direction, at which point i freaked a little in my head and thought, "holy shit, i think she sees me, and shit, i'm kinda dressed like her and she's probably thinking that 'ugh, another fan trying to emulate the lead singer's significant other...'"...at which point i snapped the first of the Lyn-Z pics below... it wasn't a nice feeling, though. but she is beautiful. :)

I wrote on my arms, “I <3 MCR” and “I <3 Gerard Way,” plus the set list and a couple notes.


-Ray took a picture of the crowd just before they played Teenagers.

-Gerard had everyone do the wave, just was really impressive. J

-Gerard told he story of Mikey’s dream to do just this while at a Pumpkins concert.

-Ray hugged Frank in the middle of a song, then they were all hugging when they finished the show.

-Gerard picked up and carried Mikey during another song

-Ray did one of his guitar solos front & center.

-Gerard had the crowd light up all their cellphones and lighters for Desert Song.

-The band brought a kid named Mikh or Michael (I forget why he was so special), had him say “hi” to the audience; we said hi back, and they played WTTBP for him.

-I left a message for Tara during I’m Not Okay, during which I screamed “Tara, I’m at the MCR show and they’re playing ‘I’m Not Okay’ woooooooooooo!!”

The set list:

-Give 'Em Hell, Kid

-This Is How I Disappear

-Cemetery Drive

-House Of Wolves

-Welcome to the Black Parade

-I Don’t Love You

-The Sharpest Lives

-My Way Home is Through You (which Gerard dedicated to his “wife, who I love with all my heart.”)

-Headfirst for Halos

-I’m Not Okay


-You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison


-Teenagers (“teenager scare the fuckin shit out of me!”)

-Famous Last Words

-Cancer (featuring Gerard alone up front in a single white spotlight…and James played well, too)

-Desert Song (I cried – this song always does that to me. Ray & Frank sat playing their guitars.)

-Helena (Gerard said he only does this on special occasions.)

Drive By and Taking Back Sunday opened and also did an amazing job. We sang “Happy Birthday” to Adam’s dad. J His dad’s name is Phil, btw. I got a lot of pictures of them and a couple fuzzy ones of Lyn-Z, so I’ll post the good ones here when my camera decides to work again. Since I put in this new battery, it would immediately go into sleep mode and not come back on, the power button wouldn’t work, it would shut down when I took a picture of something close to me…. and yes, I did charge it before I left. *shrugs* *curses evil battery* The picture quality from far away wasn’t very good anyway, but still… So, yes, I have it committed to memory, and now I have it posted here, plus I will be updating this post with links to videos that other people took and my 2 pictures later on. J

..and after the show, I walked over to the buses, but it was so cold and raining that I left. There was already a big crowd anyway, and my chances of meeting bands after the shows have never been that good. I didn’t pay to meet them, just to see the show, so I’m satisfied with that. Besides, I probably would’ve molested Gerard had he come out anyhow… (I was envisioning me hugging him tightly and crying “OMG, I love you!!!”.

Overall, I had an amazing time. It’s so great to meet other fans who I talk with online, to know that there are other people out there who also feel connected to this band, however dumb it may sound to outsiders. It’s great to know the history of a band and be an active spectator in watching their dreams come true. It's great knowing that this band has touched my life and the lives of others in such a positive way. This show was legendary in the history of this band, and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it.

p.s. : if you find my Friends' page, you'll see all the amazing posts from those who attended last night.

not-my-video links
i think gerard was losing it in a couple of these songs.

Helena - the last song for a long time. watch bob playing toward the end, and notice the crowd going fucking wild, and the guys hugging as they're walking off. :D

My Way Home Is Through You


Desert Song - i think this is the best i've heard him sing this.
and another, closer version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwoliUF-xBQ

Mama - awesome close-up

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison

Welcome to the Black Parade
close-up version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7S2O65lvZA&NR=1

Headfirst for Halos - this is the song where Ray hugged Frank's head

MCR's opening, into Give Em Hell Kid

Gerard telling the story of MSG...

Cemetery Drive

Famous Last Words - in which gerard picks up and carries mikey across the stage

listen carefully - this is the crowd singing to the overhead music just before MCR went on







the special kid




the one "good" MCR picture from my camera:
the only clear MCR pic
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