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Integra Anyanka Malfoy

Location change for the protest.

I posted this to chemicalromance but just in case you hadn't seen it and are coming.

This came via email:

Hey, a major update about the protest so listen up!

The protest has changed location and will now be held by Marble Arch. There is a concrete area there, where we will go.
Marble Arch is in Oxford Street, London and is right next to Hyde Park. This means that lots of passers-by will see our protest. The nearest tube station is Marble Arch. Make sure you guys don't go to Derry Street or Round Pond, but meet here instead. This is where the majority of the protest will be and we won't be marching anywhere (simply because it'd be hard to keep everyone safe whilst we're moving).

See you guys in a couple days,
Anni Smith.

EDIT: The website is here

I'm not personally impressed with the change. I've emailed her back.
You NEED to update the website with this info ASAP, otherwise people will not know.

I'm sorry to say this but it makes the whole thing kind of pointless, if we aren't actually going to protest at the newspaper that started it all. It's just a bunch of people standing on the street now.
Good Luck.

EDIT: I had a response
It's still a protest, we'll reach more people here and after liaising
with the police, we found out that we won't fit in Derry Street anyway.
The website will be updated in just a second.
- Allison
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